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December 5, 2016

      Otis Gun Care

Otis Complete Cleaner

Otis MSR/AR Cleaner

Otis Copper Remover

Otis Firearm Protectant

Otis Firearm Lubricant

Otis Firearm Surface Prep

Otis Dry Lube

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September 19, 2016

      Buck Knives

Buck Folding Selkirk Knife

Buck Fluid

Buck Vertex

Buck Open Season Small Game Muddy Water

Buck 710 Volt

Buck Marksman Tanto

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September 5, 2016

      Rapala Luhr-Jensen Lures

Quantum Vapor Baitcast reel

Quantum Strategy Spinning Reel

Quantum Strategy Spinning Combo

Quantum New Smoke HD Baitcast Reel

Quantum Prism Rods

Quantum Monster Baitcast Reel

Quantum Blue Runner Spinning Reel

Quantum Blue Runner Spinning Combo

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August 29, 2016

      Rapala Luhr-Jensen Lures

Luhr-Jensen Hydro Vibe Extreme Size, Colors

Luhr-Jensen Hydro Vibe Hoochie with UV Bright Finishes

Luhr-Jensen Krocodile

Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish Xtreme w/rattle

Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish Xtreme no rattle

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August 22, 2016

      Pure Fishing Products

Pflueger President Limited Edition Reels

Mitchell Mag-Pro Spinning Reel

Berkley PowerBait Shaky Snake

Berkley Havoc Change Up

PENN Knives

PENN Tools

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August 8, 2016

      Streamlight Lights

Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA

Streamlight ProTac HL 4

Streamlight Stylus Pro Rechargeable penlight

Streamlight Dualie 3AA Laser

Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 1 And 2 Lights

Streamlight Upgrades High Lumen Portable Scene Light

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June 12, 2016

      Irish Setter Boots

Irish Setter VaprTrek hunting boots

Irish Setter Elk Tracker big game hunting boots

Irish Setter Wingshooter Boot

Irish Setter Gunflint II Hunting

Irish Setter Extends RutMaster Line

Irish Setter Deer Tracker Big Game Hunting Boots

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May 30, 2016

Fenwick Rods, Hodgman Waders

      Fenwick Rods

Fenwick Fenglass Fly

Fenwick HMG Fly Rods

Fenwick World Class Spinning and Baitcast Rods

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      Hodgman Sportwear

Hodgman Aesis Sonic Stocking Foot Waders

Hodgman H5 Wader

Hodgman Aesis Spring Outerwear

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May 23, 2016

      Buck Knives

Fishing Nippers

Bow Trx

550 Selector 2.0

Open Season Skinner Guthook

Small Brahma Knife

PakLite Trophy Kit

Kinetic Fishing Spear

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April 11, 2016

      Smith & Wesson guns

Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Target Pistol

Smith & Wesson Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, Inc. # 442 Revolver

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistol (no safety)

Smith & Wesson Machine Engraved M&P BODYGUARD 380 Pistol

Smith & Wesson 2nd Generation M&P 15 SPORT Rifle

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 SPORT Rifle

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April 4, 2016

      Streamlight Products

Streamlight Super Siege Rechargeable Led Lantern

Streamlight 18650 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger

Streamlight Stylus Pro 360

Streamlight Introduces Flat Dark Earth Colors for Select TLR Models

Streamlight Tactical Light Boasts 2,200 Lumens

Streamlight TLR-6 Universal Kit

Streamlight Upgrades Lumen Output Of TLR Models

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March 28, 2016

      Plano Tackle Bags

Guide Series Blade Bag

M-Series Hydro-Flo Tackle Bag

M-Series Tackle Bag

M-Series Messenger Bag

Trending Tackle Bags Showcase Aggressive Attitudes

    T-Series Tackle Bag

    T-Series Power Bag

    T-Series Messenger Bag

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March 21, 2016

      Berkley Rods, Baits

Berkley Lightning Rod Combo

Berkley Buzz Ramsey Air Rod

Berkley Powerbait Shaky Snake

Berkley Havoc Change Up

Berkley Fusion19 Hooks

Hardy Wraith Fly Rod

Hardy Ultralite CA DD Fly Reel

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March 14, 2016

      Bandit, Bomber, Lindy Lures

Bandit 3 New Dual-Look Cranks

Bomber Slender Minnow

New Color Patterns To Lil’ Guy

New Lindy Rally Fish Crankbait

New Lindy Wally Demon

New Lindy Wally Shad

Lindy Perch Talker New Color Patterns

Lindy Rattl’n Flyer Spoons

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      Frabill Fishing Products

Frabill Stow Series Storm Gear

Frabill Dual Bait Bucket

Frabill Bait Bucket

Frabill Insulated Bait Bucket

Frabill’s new Aerated Bait Bucket

Frabill redesigns the classic Drainer Bait Bucket

Frabill Aqua-Life Bait Station

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      Plano Tackle Bags

A-Series Tackle Backpack

A-Series Tackle Duffel

A-Series Quick Top Tackle Bag

A-Series Tackle Bag

Unique By Design Women’s tackle bags

    423600 Woman’s Series Tote

    23640 Woman’s Series Carrier

    413630 Woman’s Series Tackle Bag

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      Quantum Rods, Reels & Combos

Quantum’s new IconPT Baitcaster

TeamKVD Rods & Reels

TeamKVD Combos

Quantum Pulse Baitcaster

Quantum Pulse Combos

Quantum 8.1:1 Smoke Baitcaster

Quantum 6.2:1 Smoke Spinning Reel

Quantum Throttle Spinning Reel

Quantum Throttle Combo

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      Buck Knives

Booyah Hard Knocker

Booyah One Knocker

Booyah Boss Pop

Booyah Finance Jig

Booyah Bankroll Jig

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      Buck Knives

Mr. Crappie Slab Slinger

Mr. Crappie Slab Shaver

Open Season Skinner Knife

Open Season Boning Knife

Bow Tool

294 Momentum

818 Apex

Buck Ops Boot Knife

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      Smith & Wesson guns

Performance Center M&P Ported Shield

Machine Engraved SW1911

M&P BODYGUARD 380 Pistol w/Green Laserguard

M&P BODYGUARD 380 Pistol w/Green Laserguard

Performance Center TALO #642 J-Frame Revolver

TALO finish M&P Pistols

M&P Lineup - now available With C.T.Green Laserguard

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      Abu Garcia Rods, Reels

Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia Revo STX Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia Revo inshore Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia Venerate Rod

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      Streamlight Lights

Streamlight Portable Power Unit

Streamlight ProTac HL USB High Lumen Light

Streamlight Sidewinder Rescue

Streamlight Siege AA Lantern

Streamlight Strion HPL

Streamlight Pistol-Grip Waypoint Rechargeable Searchlight

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      Rocky Boots

Rocky Original Hiker

Rocky Athletic Mobility Boot

Rocky Ram Stalker

Rocky Adaptagrip Boots

Rocky Broadhead Footwear

Rocky Apparel adds 14 new items

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      Okuma Rods, Reels

Okuma Azores Jigging Rods

Calera “A” Series Low-Profile Baitcast Reels

Guide Select Swimbait Rods

Okuma Inspira Spinning Reels

Okuma Magda Pro

Okuma Metaloid Lever Drag Reels

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      Berkley Hard Baits & Accessories

Berkley Wild Thang

Berkley Warpig

Berkley Pitbull

Berkley Digger

Berkley Cutter

Berkley Bad Shad

Berkley Fusion Hooks

Berkley Rope Handle five-gallon bucket

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      Irish Setter Boots

Irish Setter VaprTrek 8" Hunting Boots

Irish Setter VaprTrek # 2895 Men’s Hiker

Irish Setter VaprTrek # 2805 Men’s Lightweight Hiker

Irish Setter Reserve 8" Limited Edition Upland Boots

Irish Setter Reserve 6" Upland Boots

Irish Setter Rutmaster Insulated Knee Boots

Irish Setter Rutmaster Women’s 17" Knee Boots

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      Zebco Rods & Reels

Zebco 808

Zebco 888

Zebco QuickCast Triggers Spinning Reel

Zebco QuickCast Triggers Combo

Zebco Stinger Spinning Reels

Zebco Stinger Combos

Zebco Splash Kids Series

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Blakemore Fishing Products

Daiichi Mighty Wide, Bait Hook

Road Runner Awesome Walleye

Daiichi with Signature Hooks

Casey’s Classic Road Runner

Randy’s Swim’n Road Runner

Mr. Crappie’s Slabalicious Road Runner Lure

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Abu Garcia Rods, Reels

Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Rods

Abu Garcia Fantasista Beast Rods

Abu Garcia Ike Rod Series

Abu Garcia Pro Max Reels

Abu Garcia Silver Max Reels

Abu Garcia Black Max Reels

Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Reels

Abu Garcia Revo Toro S Reel

Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Toro Rod

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Streamlight Lights

Streamlight ProTac 1AAA Light

Streamlight Stinger HPL

Streamlight TLR-1 HPL Long-Range Rail Light

Streamlight TLR-2 HL G with Green Laser

Streamlight UltraStinger LED

Streamlight Pistol-Grip Waypoint Searchlight

Streamlight ProTac HL 3

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Buck Knives & Tools

Saltwater Splizzors

Freshwater Splizzors


Paklite Elite

Matt Would Go (MWG)


293 Inertia

294 Momentum

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Johnson Crappie Baits

Crappie Buster Tubes

Crappie Buster Shad Tubes

Crappie Buster Shad Scales

Crappie Buster Shad Tails

Crappie Buster Shad Crank

Crappie Buster Spin' R Grubs

Stren Catfish Monofilament

Stren Crappie Monofilament

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Rapala Lures

Rapala Shad Rap

Rapala X-Rap

Rapala Ultra light Rippiní Rap

Rapala Shadow Rap

Rapala Shadow Rap Jerkbait

Rapala Shadow Rap Deep

Rapala Deep Scatter Rap Crank

Rapala Shallow Scatter Rap Crank

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Smith & Wesson Guns

M&P9 and M&P40 Pistols w/Flat Finish

M&P9 and M&P45 Threaded Barrel Kits

M&P Shield w/Green Crimson Trace Laser

Model 642 with LaserMax

Performance Center 460XVR Bone Collector

Thompson/Center Encore Complete Pistol and Rifle Systems

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Smith & Wesson Guns

M&P9 and M&P40 Pistols w/Flat Finish

M&P9 and M&P45 Threaded Barrel Kits

M&P Shield w/Green Crimson Trace Laser

Model 642 with LaserMax

Performance Center 460XVR Bone Collector

Thompson/Center Encore Complete Pistol and Rifle Systems

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Johnson Crappie Buster Line of Baits

Johnson Crappie Buster Shad Tubes

Johnson Crappie Buster Shad Scales

Johnson Crappie Buster Shad Tails

Johnson Crappie Buster Shad Crank

Johnson Crappie Buster Spiní R Grubs

Johnson Crappie Buster Tubes

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Sebile Lures

Sebile Lipless Seeker

Sebile Vibe Machine

Sebile Bull Minnow

Sebile Star Shiner

Sebile Bull Crank

Sebile Racer Crank

Sebile Square Bill Sunfish

Sebile Swingtail Minnow

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Smith&Wesson guns, holsters, lasers

Smith&Wesson M&P Shield Pistol

Smith&Wesson M929 ďJerry Miculek Signature Model"

Smith&Wesson M686 Ė.357 Magnum Revolver

Smith&Wesson M629 Ė Performance Center .44 Magnum Revolver

Smith&Wesson Performance Center M460XVR

Smith&Wesson M986 Pro Series

Galco Holsters

Crimson Trace Laserguard

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Plano Hunting Cases, Boxes

Plano Sportsmanís Trunk

#1619 Small Plano Sportsmanís Trunk

#1719 Medium Plano Sportsmanís Trunk

#1819 XXL Plano Sportsmanís Trunk

Plano Guide Series Waterproof Cases

#1449 Guide Series Trunk

#1450 Guide Series

#1460 Guide Series

#1470 Guide Series

Plano Zombie Ammo Can

Plano Mechanical Broadhead Case

Plano BONE COLLECTOR Neoprene Bow Sling

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Penn Rods & Reels, Fenwick Rods, more


PENN Conflict Spinning Reel

PENN Pursuit II Spinning Reel

PENN Squadron Inshore Rods

PENN Rampage Jigging Rods

PENN Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed

PENN Z Series Spinning Reels

All-Star Rods w/Nano Fiber Technology

Fenwick HMG rods


Shakespeare Rods, Reels, Combos

Shakespeare UGLY STIK GX2

Shakespeare UGLY STIK GX2 Combos

Spinning Combos

Low-profile Combo

Spincast Combos

Ladies Combos

Shakespeare Agility Reels, Combos

Spinning reels

Low profile reel

Spinning combos

Baitcast Combo

Shakespeare Crappie Hunter

Shakespeare Bobber 3-pak

Shakespeare Bobber Kit

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S&W Guns, Holsters & Lasers

Smith & Wesson Governor Revolver

Smith & Wesson K-Frame .357 Magnum

Smith & Wesson First L-Frame .44 Magnum

Smith & Wesson M&P BODYGUARD 380

Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460XVR Revolver

Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 629 .44 Magnum

Galco Paddle Lite Holster for S&W BODYGUARD 380

Crimson Trace Laser for Governor

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Berkley Baits

Berkley Improved Fireline

Berkley Trilene BraidóPro Grade

Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Xl-Pro Grade

Spiderwire Stealth Glow-Vis Braid

Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate-Mono

Spiderwire Arachno Sunglasses

Berkley Big Rush Sunglasses

Berkley Altus Sunglasses

Berkley Falcon Sunglasses

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Abu Garcia Reels & Rods

Abu Garcia Alphamar Linecounter

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur STX

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur SX

Abu Garcia C3

Abu Garcia C4

Abu Garcia CS Pro RocketĖBlack Edition

Abu Garcia Vendetta Linecounter Rods

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Berkley Baits

Berkley PowerBait Fightín Bug

Berkley PowerBait Rib Shad Berkley

PowerBait Slim Shad

Berkley Cull Markers

Berkley Fish Carts

Berkley Hat Light

Berkley Sportsmanís Carts

Berkley Schooling Rig

 Product Logo

Berkley Baits

Berkley Flicker Shad Pro Slick

Berkley Flicker Shad Pro Flash

Berkley 9-CM Flicker Shad

Berkley Havoc Smash Tube

Berkley Havoc 4” Back Slide

Berkley Havoc Boss Dog

Berkley Havoc Pit Boss Jr.

 Product Logo

Quantum Rods, Reels

Quantum EXO Tour Rods

Quantum PT Tour Baitcast Reels

Quantum Tour KVD Baitcast Reels

Quantum Iron Baitcast Reels

Quantum Energy Spinning Reel

Quantum QX Series Spinning Reels

Quantum Alloy Spinning Reels

Quantum Alloy Spinning Combos

 Product Logo

Okuma Rods, Reels

Okuma Hellos Air Low-Profile Baitcast Reels

Okuma Helios Mini-Guide Rods

Okuma Tournament Concept Bass Rods

Okuma Shadow Stalker Rods

Okuma Nomad Express Rods

Okuma Andros Reels

Okuma Citrix Bass Rods

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Rapala Lures & Accessories

Rapala Shallow-Running Scatter Raps

Rapala Deep-Running Scatter Raps

Storm Super Crankin Rattling Arashis

Rapala DT -6 Dive-to Series)

Rapala 50-pound Digital Fish Gripper

Rapala 50-pound Mechanical Fish Gripper

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala 6 1/2"pliers

 Product Logo

Zebco Tackle

Zebco 33 Gold Reel, all new

Zebco 33 Gold Combo

Zebco 33 Platinum Reel

Zebco 30 Ladies Spinning Combo

Zebco Ladies 33 Spincast Combo

Zebco ATAC Rod Grip

 Product Logo

Okuma Rods, Reels

Okuma Komodo 350 Low-Profile Baitcast Reels

Okuma Citrix 350 Low-Profile Baitcast Reels

Okuma Makiara Reels

Okuma Cold Water Rods

Okuma Custom Cedros Downrigger/Mooching Rods

Okuma Battle Cat Rods

Andros Big Fish Baitcast Reels

 Product Logo

Rapala Lures & Accessories

Rapala BX Jointed Minnow

Rapala BX Jointed Shad

Rapala Scatter Rap Crank

Rapala Scatter Rap Minnow

Rapala Scatter Rap Shad

Rapala Scatter Rap CountDown

 Product Logo

Bushnell Optics

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Elite Tactical 1-8.5x 24mm Rifle Scope

Bushnell NatureView Spotting Scope

Bushnell HD NatureView Cameras

Bushnell NatureView Binoculars

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD

Bushnell X MP Zombie Assault Sight

Bushnell Footwear

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Holiday Gifts

Holiday Stocking

Rebel Pop-R Triple Threat 3-Pack and Classic Critter 4-Pack

Heddon Pumpkinseed Ornaments

Bill Dance Advantage Lure Retriever

Silver Thread Bulk, 3,000 yd AN40

Fish Handling Glove

XCalibur Flash Drive

Lindy Sweatshirt

Tournament Marker Buoy Rack Pack

Rod Tote

Reel Shield

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Plano Tackle Boxes

Plano Hydro-Flo Guide Series Tackle Bag

Plano 3700 Guide Series Tackle Bag

Plano 3600 Guide Series Tackle Bag

Plano 3500 Guide Series Tackle Bag

Plano One Tray Box

Plano Two Tray Box

Plano Three Tray Box

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Mann's Baits

Mannís Three-For-All

Mannís Alabama Rig II

Mann's Alabama Rig III

Mann's Alabama Rig IV

Mann's Alabama Rig V

Mannís Alabama Rig Accessory Kit

Mannís Textured Stretch 25+ and 30+ Baits

Mannís Classic Quad

Mannís Tiny 1-Minus


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