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Week of May 12, 2014

Berkley Baits

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Berkley Improved Fireline Smoother Than Ever— Tougher, too

FireLine from Berkley has been a leader in the superline category for years. FireLine was always smooth and now it is even smoother. FireLine was always tough and now it is even tougher. Just about every characteristic for the line is now improved.

FireLine, thermally fused with Dyneema, performs best on spinning tackle with longer casts, up to 17% longer, and it is quieter through the guides due to the new smoother coating formula. The smooth finish is noticeable right out of the package and combined with the line’s thin diameter FireLine lets crankbaits dive deeper, getting the lure where the fish are.


The abrasion resistance is improved resulting in less fraying. It also has 3% greater strength retention after wear; standing up to rocks, timber and even zebra mussels. With FireLine anglers can cast farther in open water to reach those sensitive fish or present the bait into the thickest cover knowing the line will hold up.


With the new FireLine anglers discover improved casting with more accuracy and smoother handling. The line also has better color retention. FireLine, with new packaging, is available in line sizes from 2 (crystal color) through 30 lb test. Colors include the original crystal plus smoke, blaze orange and flame green. FireLine is spooled on filler spools of 125 yds and 300 yds and 1500 yd bulk spools.


MSRP has been lowered for FireLine. New pricing for the 125-yard spool is $17.95, $34.99 for the 300-yard spool and $159.99 for the bulk spool.


Specifications Include:

Pound Tests (Diameter)

2 (.5), 3 (.75), 4 (1), 6 (2), 8 (3), 10 (4),

14 (6), 20 (8), 30 (12)

Spool Sizes

125-yard Filler Spool

300-yard Filler Spool

1500-yard Bulk Spool


Features Include:


Crystal, Smoke, Blaze Orange,

Flame Green


About $17.95 – 159.99  


800-237-5539     [email protected]



Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Xl— Professional Grade The Fluorocarbon on the Pros’ Spinning Reels

Professional anglers are keyed in on what line fishes the best, especially when it comes to spinning lines. A line that is limp, handles well and holds up to any given situation is crucial to success. Use the wrong line and failure will follow. Berkley® Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon XL is new and is the new choice of our pros for spinning reels.


What sets this fluorocarbon apart from the rest is the secret formula that makes the line so limp, proving perfect for spinning equipment.  Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon XL is the newest offering from Berkley that gives anglers everything they could ask for in a flexible and manageable line. The line is so clear it simply disappears underwater.


The new Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon XL is a professional-grade, tournament-tested fluorocarbon that is perfect for drop shot or shaky head applications, joining Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon, Trilene Braid and Trilene Sensation for the Professional-Grade level of Trilene branded fishing lines.


Trilene Fluorocarbon XL is designed for medium-light- to medium-action spinning tackle. Available in pound tests ranging from 4 to 12 pounds with thin diameters, Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon XL is available in 200-yard spools.


Specifications Include:

Pound Tests (Diameter)

4 (.004), 6 (.009), 8 (.01),

10 (.011), 12 (.012)

Spool Sizes

200 yd Filler Spool

2000 yd, bulk spools


Features Include:

Color: Clear


About $19.95 – 174.95


800-237-5539     [email protected]


Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate-Mono

Now Offered In Brown Recluse Color

Ultracast Ultimate-Mono from Spiderwire is a true super-monofilament fishing line that has less stretch than any other nylon monofilament on the market. The XXX formula line is extra strong, extra thin and extra sensitive. And now the line is offered in the Brown Recluse color made popular by Spiderwire.


The Brown Recluse color is new for Ultracast Ultimate-Mono fishing line and is perfect for tannic and muddy/stained water conditions. In making Ultracast Ultimate-Mono, the Spiderwire scientists combined the best nylon polymers with precision processing. The result is the strongest, most sensitive monfilament in its class. The line maintains a very small diameter. Bites are easier and hooksets are faster and better.


With its breakthrough strength to diameter ratio, Ultimate-Mono is 33 % stronger than the average mono lines. Its unprecedented low stretch provides great sensitivity while still remaining manageable for spinning and casting reels. This is also a benefit for anglers because it means more hook-setting power. The thin diameter of Ultimate-Mono allows for exceptional bait action and a higher line capacity. Ultimate-Mono has excellent knot and shock strength, which comes in handy when fish get aggressive.


Ultimate-Mono is ideal for casting reels, but is still manageable on larger (size 3 or larger) spinning reels. This is an aggressive mono for anglers looking to land bigger fish, sense more bites, optimize bait performance and increase spool capacity.


Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate-Mono can be found in the original clear and the new Brown Recluse color. The line is available in pound tests ranging from 4 to 20 lbs with thin diameters of 0.006” to 0.016”. The Ultimate-Mono is available in 330-yard spools.


Specifications Include:

(Diameter in inches)

4 (0.006), 6 (0.008), 8 (0.009),

10 (0.011), 12 (0.012), 14 (0.014),

17 (0.015), 20 (0.016)


Features Include:

Colors: Clear , Brown Recluse


About $8.99 to $11.99


800-237-5539     [email protected]


Spiderwire Stealth Glow-Vis Braid Braided Fishing Line That Glows in Sunlight

Spiderwire® has taken the most popular braid, Stealth®, and created the new low-vis green color which is a slightly lighter green than the original moss green. This gives the line a less visible look especially underwater, very helpful when the fish have become “line shy” as found during heavy fishing pressure situations. But, the low-vis line is also a high-vis Glow when exposed to sunlight to aid the angler in watching the line.


Seems impossible, a low-vis braid in the water and a high-vis braid out of the water. But the scientists at Spiderwire figured it out. The new Stealth Glow-Vis has a low-vis green color with a unique UV reflective coating with fluorescent brighteners that illuminate above the water. Appears to “glow” in the sunlight. Anglers can watch the line and detect bites that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Even on cloudy days the line will still receive UV rays for the glow effect. Since no UV rays penetrate water, the high-vis glow returns to the low–vis green once the line goes subsurface.


The line is also exceptional when fishing in tannic or muddy/stained water. The line seems to disappear for the fish but once out of the water the high-vis glow characteristic provides a great contrast with the murky water background.


The polyethylene (PE) microfiber construction of Stealth is strong, smooth and round. This structure, combined with Teflon® pressure treating, allows the braid to shoot through the guides for longer casts. The breakthrough Color Lock Technology holds in the color thus resists fading or bleeding on clothing or equipment.


Spiderwire Stealth Glow-Vis Braid is available on 125-yard and 300-yard filler spools in line tests from 6 to 80. Bulk spools with 1500 yards of line are available in 10-pound test to 80.


Specifications Include:

Pound Tests

(Diameter in inches)

6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80


Features Include:


Low-Vis green underwater

High-Vis Glow in UV light


About $

125 yd (6-80#)/$14.99 to $18.99

300 yd (6-80#) /$ 20.99 to $38.99

1500 yd (10-80#) /$ 134.99


800-237-5539     [email protected]


Berkley Trilene Braid—Pro Grade Outstanding Durability and Handling w/Tournament Level Superline

Only the best lines are able to withstand the impact and pounding of tournament level fishing. Berkley Trilene continues to offer monofilament and fluorocarbon lines designed to conquer the challenges of competitive fishing and now offers Trilene Braid.


Trilene Braid is the newest offering from a company that learns from the pros and passes that knowledge on to every angler.

The new Trilene Braid is a professional-grade, tournament level braided superline that is worthy of the brand Trilene, joining Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon and Trilene XT for the Professional-Grade level of Trilene branded fishing lines.


The Dyneema radial braid construction has an optimum blend of pick count and 8 carriers to create a weave that is ultra-round, smooth and strong. Trilene Braid is designed for medium- to heavy-action casting tackle. Anglers also notice a quietness to the braid through the guides. This is due to the true roundness of the braid and its overall thin diameter.


Available in pound tests ranging from 20 to 80 pounds with thin diameters, Berkley Trilene Braid is available in 150- yard spools.


Specifications Include:

150-yard Filler Spool

Pound Tests

20 (6), 30 (8), 40 (10), 50 (12), 60 (14),

80 (15


Features Include:

Color: Low-viz green


About $19.95 to $24.95


800-237-5539     [email protected]


Spiderwire Arachno Sunglasses

Look Good and see Good while Protecting Eyes

Anglers know the impact of trying to fish in a glaring sun without the protection of polarized eyewear and benefits while sight fishing. Spiderwire understands the need for polarized sunglasses built with quality lens and a sharp look.


Each Spiderwire polarized lens goes through rigorous testing and exceeds all global standards to guarantee the best optical quality available and a precision fit. Eye protection by Spiderwire is available in lens colors for the best benefit for the situation and multiple styles to satisfy the most discriminating angler.


The Spiderwire Arachno Signature design features an aggressive bold profile with full view 0.65 mm TAC lens which are polarized and scratch resistant. The durable polycarbonate frame is enhanced with open, wide cut tapered temples with injected hinges for added durability. Megol Nose pads are comfortable and won’t slip off the nose.


Three versions are offered including gloss black frame with smoke lens for bright sunlight, gloss black frame with amber lens for low light situations and sight fishing and gloss white frame with amber lens. All three are available in M/Lg sizes. The Spider icon is silk screened on the right lens and a black nickel-coated Spider icon plaque is screwed into each temple.


Features Include:

0.65 mm TAC lens

Sizes: Med & Lg

3 Versions offered


A-Berkley Big Rush Sunglasses



About $ 24.95



B-Berkley Altus Sunglasses



About $ 34.95



C-Berkley Falcon Sunglasses




About $ 44.95


800-237-5539     [email protected]



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