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Week of  June 2,2014

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PENN Conflict Spinning Reel

PENN Pursuit II Spinning Reel

PENN Squadron Inshore Rods

PENN Rampage Jigging Rods

PENN Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed

PENN Z Series Spinning Reels

All-Star Rods w/Nano Fiber Technology

Fenwick HMG rods


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PENN Conflict Spinning Reel

Lightweight, Smooth, Sleek, and Powerful

Designed for the technical inshore angler who is looking for top-line performance, PENN’s new Conflict Spinning Reel delivers a light weight and smooth casting reel capable of big drag pressure. With a stealthy, low key cosmetic of black on black and smoky gray markings, Conflict may look quiet, but one cast and it echos the best of PENN craftsmanship and engineering.


The new Conflict reel – 7 in all - features a Full Metal Body. The 1000-4000 models use a high strength graphite rotor, while the 5000-8000 versions use an aluminum rotor. All rotor designs are Techno-Balanced for smooth and balanced retrieve every time. The internal makings of each Conflict reel include 7+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearings and an Infinite Anti Reverse bearing.


HT-100 Versa-Drag carbon fiber drag washers allow for multiple drag settings for various fishing conditions. Both sides of each drag washer are utilized in this design, giving the reel higher maximum drags. PENN proprietary grease is applied to the washers for ensured longevity.


The heavy-duty aluminum bail wire resists dents, nicks, and bends that happen when fishing for saltwater gamefish. The Braid Ready Superline Spool is built with Line Capacity Rings, giving the angler instant awareness of line amounts remaining on the spool while fighting a fish.


About $129.95 – 159.95





Serious Rods for Serious Offshore Situations

Picture the moment when the line flies from the outrigger clip and the reel starts screaming - or when that steelie gets nervous and starts dancing on the surface.


These are the moments of perfect dreams. Don’t let tackle be the cause of losing the fish of a life time. Choose PENN’s Ally rod series, packed with features and all the right actions to help land that next trophy. The new Ally Boat Rod family consists of 15 models including three spinning, three conventional live bait, six conventional boat and three standup trolling rods.


All Ally rods begin with a one-piece tubular glass blank and a solid tip to help prevent breakage. For line management PENN has added Fuji stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts. Standup models feature both Fuji guides and Pac Bay rollers. For added comfort, Ally rods feature PENN’s Triangular-shaped EVA Torque foregrip to reduce rod rotation while under pressure. Heavy duty graphite and machined aluminum reel seats keep a secure grip on the reel, while an aluminum gimble provides added strength and a secure connection during the fight.


About $99.950 – 149.95




PENN Rampage Jigging Rods

The Rod for Wrecks, Reefs and Suspended Schools

Jigging for fish is one of the very first techniques ever derived and today’s angler has evolved the presentation to an art form. PENN® understands vertical jigging and has added a complete category of jigging rods to the Rampage family.


The tubular graphite composite one-piece rod is both lightweight and tough so just about any fish hooked with a Rampage rod will make it to the boat. These rods feature PENN’s Torque EVA foregrips for added comfort and control. Line flows smoothly through the Fuji N frames with aluminum oxide inserts.


The heavy-duty graphite reel seat keeps the reel in its proper place at all times. The soft yet durable rubber gimbal fits firmly into a fighting belt or chair and the rubber will not scratch or crack the gel coat on your boat. Rubber gimbals also help ease the pain that traditional metal gimbals can put on the body while fighting fish.


Rampage jig rods are ideal for every jigging application and are also great for various applications outside of vertical jigging. Whether free lining bait to a pack of hungry yellowtail snapper or sight casting for cobia these rods are light in the hand and pack plenty of power to turn the strongest gamefish.


About $79.95




PENN Z Series Spinning Reels

Made in the U.S.A. – Back By Popular Demand

50 years ago PENN created the Z Series spinning reels, a simple reel by anyone’s standards. It was the simplicity that made the reel so trustworthy and popular.


Now, in response to consumer demand, the reel returns to the PENN line up exactly as it was built ten years ago. PENN will reintroduce two models in the Z Series, the bailed 704 model and the bail-less 706 model. Both reels are built with minimal parts, making the Z Series an easy to use, easy to maintain piece of tackle. No updates or changes have been made so parts will be interchangeable with older models of the reel still in the hands of PENN’s loyal saltwater anglers.


The Full Metal Body has a graphite sideplate. HT-100™ carbon fiber drag washers are always smooth and won’t overheat. The spool is machined and anodized aluminum. For smooth cranking the reel features a machine cut brass main gear and stainless steel pinion gear.

The 704Z utilizes one shielded stainless steel ball bearing and weighs 23.5 oz with a 3.8:1 gear ratio that collects 30" of line for each turn of the standard paddle handle. Built with the use of monofilament line in mind, both Z Series models carry a maximum drag of 15 lbs. Line capacity is 235 yds of 20 lb mono or 335 yds of 50 lb braid.


The bail-less 706Z has three shielded stainless steel ball bearings, weighs 22.8 oz with a 3.8:1 gear ratio and retrieves 33" of line for each turn of the pancake handle. Line capacity is 270 yds of 25 lbs mono or 335 yds of 65 lbs braid.


About $199.95





PENN Squadron Inshore Rods

Inshore or near shore the PENN Squadron rod series is built to deliver the performance of rods that cost double and triple the price. From the flats and mangroves to the near shore wrecks, the Squadron rod is ideal for just about every live and artificial bait technique.


The graphite reel seat keeps the one-piece rod light, while stainless steel guides with aluminum inserts aid in longer and smoother casts. Premium cork and EVA handles maintain a secure grip even when wet. Twelve spinning and three conventional rods are offered in lengths of 7’0” and 7’6” with actions ranging from Extra Light to Heavy.


About $39.95 – 49.95




PENN Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed

The new PENN Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed conventional reel is designed for big fish. Besides the Quick-Shift 2-speed system, the Squall Lever Drag offers great fish fighting features. The lightweight graphite frame and sideplates house tough, machined stainless steel main and pinion gears that are drilled out for weight reduction. Four shielded stainless steel ball bearings deliver smooth cranking power and the Dura Drag system eliminates hesitation and surging under extreme drag settings.


The spool is made from forged and machined aluminum with the added touch of Line Capacity Rings to keep the angler in the know at a glance on how much line remains on the spool. The double dog ratchet anti reverse eliminates back-play in the handle and is twice as strong as a typical single dog system.


Three sizes of the Squall Lever Drag 2-speed are offered. The 38.5-oz model 16VS has a high speed gear ratio of 4.5:1 and line retrieve of 39" per turn, and a low speed of 2.1:1 for an 18" retrieve. Maximum drag at the Full setting is 26 lbs, 20 at Strike. Spool capacity is 540 yds of 30 lb mono or 865 yds of 65 lb braid.


The 47.0 oz model 30VSW has a high-speed gear ratio of 4.2:1 and line retrieve of 41" with a low speed of 1.8:1 for an 18" retrieve. Maximum drag at Full is 32 lbs, 24 at Strike. Spool capacity is 595 yds of 50 lb mono or 1435 yds of 80 lb braid.


About $39.95 – 49.95




PENN Pursuit II Spinning Reel

Next Generation Pursuit

Not just a fresh new look. New materials, new technology and new features make PENN’s Pursuit II spinning reel one of the top reels in its class.  Built for durability like all PENN reels, the body is made of lightweight, yet tough and corrosion-resistant graphite. A durable metal sideplate and a machined and anodized Braid Ready aluminum spool provides the strength to withstand the strain that braided lines put on a reel.


The heavy-duty bail wire stays strong and true after getting knocked around. Line Capacity Rings let the angler know at a glance when the spool is full, at 2/3rds capacity and 1/3rd capacity, important information when fighting a fish or simply re-spooling line. Four shielded stainless steel bearings plus an Instant Anti Reverse provide smooth cranking performance.


The handle with new and improved knobs, can be configured for right or left hand retrieve. Five models are offered.


About $39.95 – 59.95



Fenwick HMG Rods

The Legendary HMG Is Reborn

In 1973, Fenwick came out with the first-ever graphite rod, named the HMG or High Modulus Graphite. Over 40 years later, Fenwick gives a fresh new look to the rod that transformed the fishing industry and has caught countless fish through the years.


The new HMG combines the time-tested technology of a high modulus blank with more modern innovations such as its comfortable, durable Fuji 5K reel seat, its strong yet smooth titanium guides, and Fenwick’s easy-grip, soft TAC material. The HMG also sports a newly designed Carbon Bound™ blank that incorporates carbon thread wrapped around the rod to strengthen the high modulus material while keeping weight to a minimum.


The HMG’s most striking new feature is its completely redesigned handle. While the handle still maintains its iconic TAC grip, the TAC is highlighted with EVA foam accents that add a more modern look and comfortable feel. The entire handle is also much slimmer than past models, not only making the all-new HMG easier and more comfortable to hold, but also contributing to the rod’s overall 10% reduction in weight from the previous HMG.


Fenwick’s legendary HMG is once again reborn for the 2014 season, and is available in 6 baitcast and 17 spinning models to suit the needs of any angler.


About $99.95




All-Star Rods w/Nano Fiber Technology

Hardcore anglers want and need rods that will stand up and perform during the heat of tournament action. There is no room for the slightest miscue or tackle failure. The new All-Star Nano Family of rods were created by All Star to be among the strongest, technique specific rods on the market.


Nano Resin technology increases break strength and can be used in two different ways; lessening material for a lighter rod while maintaining break strength, or keeping the same amount of material and significantly increasing break strength. All Star chose option two which gives action for action and power for power, one of the strongest, most durable graphite rods on the market.


In addition, the Nano rods feature the latest in Fuji design. The Fuji alconite guides provide added strength and weight reduction. The exposed Fuji ACS and VSS reels seats contribute dependability, weight reduction and allow direct contact with the blank. Helping you feel the most subtle bites. The cork handle provides a more comfortable and slip resistant grip, even when wet.


The new Nano Series are available at all Academy stores and online at Nano Series rods are designed and crafted with proven technique specific lengths and actions for various fresh applications that All Star is known for. The Nano Series consists of 14 freshwater baitcasting and four freshwater spinning rods.



About $89.99


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