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Okuma Azores Jigging Rods
Optimized For Ultimate Power
picture of part Saltwater jigging includes the most powerful fish species on the planet, jacks, groupers, tunas, fish that place anglers in a vertical contest of will and determination. The right rod action is essential to the presentation of the jig, it must load and release when paired with the proper jig weight. Then, that balanced tip must transition quickly to raw power, because up and down battles focus energy on the butt section of the rod. New Okuma Azores Jigging rods deliver a premium combination of design, materials and components to create superior tools for the serious jig angler.
Azores Jigging rods begin with lightweight and responsive 24-Ton carbon fiber blanks which are fortified with an outer wrap of OC-9 carbon to dramatically reduce ovaling and dramatically increase hoop strength. The component system is optimized for braid, including Fuji K-concept guide frames that eliminate line fouling on the guide frame and super hard Alconite inserts to longevity. The double-foot guide system is wrapped with pure carbon thread for incredible holding power.
Handle systems include grooved EVA fore grips for their combination of lightweight and secure grip. Reel seats include Fuji DPS pipe reel seat on spinning rods, Fuji trigger seat on conventional rods. Tapered EVA rear grips narrow in the center for excellent agility around the body.
Azores Jig rods include three 6-foot and three 6’6” conventional models for jig weights of 55-170g, 110-240g and 160-300g in each length. Six spinning rods include two 6-foot models, two 6’6” models and two 7-foot models for jig weights of 55-170g and 110-240g in each length.
Azores Jig rods are backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

About $189.99 to $199.99

[email protected]   800-466-5862

Calera “A” Series Low-Profile Baitcast Reels
Ultra Slim Body And New Cast Control
picture of part Okuma Fishing Tackle prides itself on creating entry points where all anglers can access gear that inspires participation and enjoyment of the sport. For 2015, Calera low-profile baitcast reels have been upgraded with new body style, new cast control system and updated cosmetics to create a fierce entry in the $79 price category.
The Calera “a” palming side plate is 3mm narrower than the original design, delivering a sure grip and total control when fishing feel baits like jigs and soft plastics. The same side plate also houses a 24-point adjustable magnetic cast control system. The oversized dial is completely flush mounted, offering both supreme comfort and easy adjustment by all size of fingers.
Calera’s new cosmetics include a striking combination of charcoal, gray and chrome. What hasn’t changed is a rich set of internal features. The graphite frame and side plates house a A6061-T6 machined aluminum, anodized V-shaped spool. Seven bearing plus one roller bearing deliver liquid smooth cranking from the available 6.6:1 or 7.3:1 gear ratios, with the 6.6:1 also available in left hand retrieve. The multi-disc drag system delivers 11-pounds of available drag pressure.
Calera “a” series reels are backed by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Features Include:
Gear Ratio 6.6:1
Bearings 4BB + 1RB
Weight 8.3 oz
Line Capacity 12/130
Right & left hand models

About $79.99

[email protected]   800-466-5862

Guide Select Swimbait Rods
Massive Power Upgrade
picture of part Guide Select Swimbait rods have been a long-time favorite of Okuma anglers. Nevertheless, advancements in construction technology offered the perfect time to overall and upgrade the product line. New Guide Select Swimbait rods are constructed with Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement to deliver strength increases of up to 400%.
Guide Select Swimbait rods include three 7’11” models. The GS-C-7111Ha is a heavy action rod for lure weights of 1 to 6 ounces. The GS-C-7111XHa is an extra-heavy action for lure weights of 2 to 10 ounces. And the GS-C-7111XXHa is a double extra heavy action for baits weighing 5 to 14 ounces.
The rod blanks are constructed to minimize fatigue and maximize power. At the core is responsive IM-8 graphite. The tip sections are fortified with Okuma Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement, a proprietary construction process that adds a layer of unidirectional fiber over the base material, resulting in an astonishing increase dead lift power in the tip of up to 3x. The rest of the blank is reinforced with an outer wrap of 1K woven carbon for incredible structural integrity.
The build includes double foot Fuji K-concept guides with Alconite inserts for strength and total compatibility with braided lines. New grip systems include sculpted EVA for minimal weight and exceptional comport. Split grip design keeps the rods agile and easy handling. Fuji reel seats deliver perfect fit and a secure hold of casting reels.
New Guide Select Swimbait rods are covered by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Model# Lgth Action Lure
7111H 7‘11 H 1-6 15-30 7.1
7111XH 7‘11 XH 2-10 15-40 7.0
7111XXH 7‘11 XXH 5-14 20-40 9.1

Features Include:
IM-8 graphite blank construction
EVO graph: 1K woven carbon reinforced blank
Fuji alconite guide inserts
Compatible with braided line
Fuji Lightweight guide frames
Leverage grip for improved casting leverage
Stainless steel hook keepers
Limited lifetime warranty

About $124.99

[email protected]   800-466-5862

Okuma Inspira Spinning Reels
Forward-Thinking Technologies
picture of part Throughout its history, Okuma Fishing Tackle has repeatedly advanced the spinning reel category, making previously unattainable features accessible to anglers of all levels. For 2015, Okuma unleashes Inspira, delivering incredible new technologies in combination with Okuma mainstays of performance. Including all-new Cyclonic Flow Rotor, Centrifugal Disc Bail and Torsion Control Armor, Inspira will energize freshwater and inshore saltwater fisheries across the globe.
At first glance, there’s no missing the heavily ported Cyclonic Flow Rotor. More than just striking design, this system has purpose. With every revolution of the handle, the rotor creates a rotation of air around the rotor, beneath and around the spool. Under extensive testing, the system drives intruding moisture from structural elements, minimizing corrosion and extending longevity.
Also delivering on durability is the Centrifugal Disc Bail. An all-new design incorporating a stout picture of part brass disc, the system is perfectly balanced and creates incredibly smooth and precise bail operation with a minimum of moving parts.
New Torsion Control Armor is an extension of Okuma’s forward-thinking C-40X long strand carbon fiber construction. C-40X construction is 25% lighter, 50% stronger than graphite. In Torsion Control Armor, C-40X is used to create a reinforced reel foot and body harness that’s super light, but extremely rigid under heavy pressure. This reduces twist and flex to maintain alignment of internal components, greatly extending their working life.
Internally, the Inspira draws from the best of Okuma performance features: Precision Elliptical Gearing, machine cut brass pinion gear, 8 ball bearings plus roller bearing, forged aluminum handle, braid-ready machined aluminum spool with Hydro-Block water–tight drag.
New Inspira is available in three sizes, 20, 30, or 40 in the angler’s choice of black/blue or white/black. Inspira is covered by the Okuma 1-Year Limited Warranty.

 Model   Wt  Line Capacity
ISX-20B 6.5 6/120, 8/90
ISX-30B 7.4 6/200,8/160
ISX-40B 9.1 8/270,10/190

Features Include:
Gear Ratio 5.0:1
Bearings 8SS + 1RB
Right or left retrieve

About $79-99-$89.99

[email protected]   800-466-5862

Okuma Magda Pro
Undergoes Stunning Transformation
picture of part For tens of thousands of anglers the Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter has represented the point of entry into the precise and repeatable success that line counter reels offer. For 2016, this workhorse reel has been updated and upgraded. With an all-new body, upgraded anti-reverse, new line counter and included Ergo Grip, the Magda Pro Line Counter is prepared to welcome the next generation of anglers. With a single glance it&rsgous impossible to miss the new modern body styling. Ergonomic and exceptionally comfortable in the hand, all edges are smooth and refined. The stainless steel reinforcing side plate rings have been moved to the interior of the side plates to minimize exposed edges. Hands off all sizes find a comfortable rest on the top of the frame. Spool access is easy and wide open. Line counter function has also been improved. The reset button has been moved to the right side of the mechanism. This keeps the operator from errantly resetting the counter. An access port has been added to the left side to allow the unit to be ventilated should water get into the counter. On the interior, the 6-stop mechanical anti-reverse has been upgraded to 16-stops to dramatically decrease handle back play. And the handle system itself includes an in-swept handle arm to reduce wobble when cranking and the Okuma Ergo Grip handle knob. The new Magda Pro Line Counter is available in four right hand sizes, MA-15DXT-T, MA-20DXT, MA-30DXT, MA-45DXT and two left hand sizes, MA-20DLXT and MA-30DLXT. The new design maintains its position as an exceptional entry point or value alternative for those outfitting boats with large numbers of trolling rigs. All Magda Pro Line Counter reels are backed by the Okuma 1 Year Limited Warranty.

 Model#   Wt  Mono Line Cap
Max Drag
MA-30DX 17.3 oz 15/510 17 lbs.
MA-45DX 18.6 oz 20/580 18 lbs.

Features Include:
Gear Ratio 4.0:1
Bearings 2
Right or left retrieve

About $54.99 to $59.99

[email protected]   800-466-5862

Okuma Metaloid Lever Drag Reels
Now Available In Left Hand
picture of part Okuma Fishing Tackle prides itself on inspiring participation in fishing and creating a better angling experience. When fishing for hard-fighting species like tunas, yellowtail, groupers or stripers there’s no greater frustration than trying to bear down on fish with the opposite hand than is comfortable. In follow up to the blistering success of the initial Metaloid lever drag introduction, Okuma is introducing a pair of 2-speed models in left-hand retrieve for 2016.
Left-handed Metaloid introductions include the M-5IILX and the M-12IILX for exceptional versatility. The 5 size holds over 400-yards of 50-pound braid. The 12-size carries similar quantity of 80-pound, or over 600 yards of 50-pound. Both reels deliver the Metaloid platform of pure power, including: rigid, 1-piece frame and right side plate construction, 17-4 grade stainless steel helical cut gearing, Carbonite drag system greased with Cal’s drag grease and fully machined aluminum spool, frame and side plate.
The M-5IILX delivers up to 24-pounds of drag at full with complete freespool. The M-12IILX ups drag output to an available 34-pounds of drag with complete freespool.
Both reels are accompanied by the Okuma 3-Year Limited Warranty.

 Model   Gear
Max Drag Mono
M-5NII 6.4:1 15 300/15
M-5II 6.4:1 15 430/15
M-1211 4.7:1 27 420/25

Features Include:
Gear Ratio 6.6:1
Bearings 4
Right & left hand models

About $229.99 – 299.99

[email protected]   800-466-5862


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