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Week of  November 25 , 2013

Mann's Baits


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Mannís Three-For-All

The first soft plastic to resemble a small group of baitfish                 

Mannís Three-For-All is the newest addition to the patented HardNose line of soft plastics. The Three-For-All is one soft plastic lure with one weedless jig head and three minnow shaped attractors. The HardNose process is required to keep the bodies separated when fished.


The Three-For-All is available in 6 popular colors for catching different species and in two sizes, 3" and 4". The Three-For-All is packaged in a clam that contains one lure rigged with a half ounce weedless jig and two spare bodies. The Three-For-All meets the one hook requirement and can be easily fished on standard equipment.


Mannís Bait Company, a leading manufacturer of artificial lures, produces a broad range of fish catching products for both fresh and saltwater markets, consisting of spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics, lead lures and hollow body baits.


About $8.99




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Mann's Alabama Rig III

The Alabama Rigģ, a patent pending product that revolutionized bass fishing methods and then moved into the salt water market, will now be available to walleye fishermen with the addition of The Alabama Rigģ III.


Andy Poss, inventor of The Alabama Rigģ and Mannís Bait Company announce the introduction of The Alabama Rigģ III.  Specifically designed for Walleye, The Alabama Rigģ III features 2 wires for lure attachments and a third, heavier wire with a bottom bouncing weight. The Alabama Rigģ III will be available in weights of one ounce and two ounces.  


Like the original and the salt water version, The Alabama Rigģ III will also offer a kit of lures designed for use with the rig. The Alabama Rigģ III Accessory Kit will contain an assortment of 24 grubs and 6 jigs in the most popular colors.


About $21.99




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Mannís Textured Stretch 25+ and 30+ Baits

Manns has long been known for their high performance trolling lures, such as their deep diving Stretch baits. Stretch baits are built rugged and they track true straight right out of the box.

Manns Stretch 25+ and 30+ lures are now available in textured versions. The Textured Stretch baits look even more natural than ever before thanks to raised gillplates, textured bodies that reflect light, and 3D eyes. Manns Textured Stretch Baits will catch more fish.


They include tried and proven rock-solid construction, and realistic high-tech colors and patterns that fish can`t resist.


Features Include:

True tracking right out of the box

Realistic high-tech colors/patterns

Super-strong 4X hooks


About $12.99-19.99




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Mannís Alabama Rig Accessory Kit
The components of The Alabama Rig Accessory Kit were chosen by Andy Poss and Paul Elias. These are the items they use when throwing The Alabama Rig. The kit contains five of the Mann's Hardnose 4-1/2 inch Swimbaits and five of the 1/4 ounce The Alabama Rig Jig Heads.

The jig heads were designed to provide the weight and style needed for maximum performance of the rig and the Swimbaits have the patented Hardnose feature that prevents them from sliding down the jig on the cast.


Both the jig heads and shad are only available in Pearl to fit all different rig colors and conditions.


About $8.99




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Mann's Alabama Rig IV

The Alabama Rigģ, a patent pending product that revolutionized bass fishing techniques as well as salt water and Walleye methods, will now be available in a fully complete rig with the addition of The Alabama Rigģ IV.


Andy Poss, inventor of The Alabama Rigģ and Mannís Bait Company announce the introduction of The Alabama Rigģ IV. Designed for fresh water, The Alabama Rigģ IV features 3 wires with spinnerbaits attached to make the rig ready to fish directly out of the package.


The spinnerbaits, also designed by Andy Poss, are made with the very highest in quality. The ľ ounce spinnerbaits feature ďsuperwireĒ plus all the quality components found in the famous ďThe ClassicĒ spinnerbait made by Mannís. The rig will be available with white, pulsating silicone skirts attached to the spinnerbaits and the fisherman can easily change skirt colors to suit fishing conditions.


The spinnerbaits themselves can also be replaced by the fisherman.


About $27.99




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Mannís Alabama Rig II

The Alabama Rigģ, a product that has revolutionized bass fishing methods as well as bringing thousands of fallen away anglers back to the sport, has now moved into the salt water arena with the creation of The Alabama Rigģ II.


Andy Poss, inventor of The Alabama Rigģ, and Mannís Bait Company announce the introduction of The Alabama Rigģ II specifically designed for the salt water market. The Alabama Rigģ II features heavier wires and hardware to handle the larger saltwater species. The special wires feature hardware with 70+ pounds of breaking strength and a special clip system that allows the fisherman to change the swivel and snap to one of his choice or replace a damaged one.


The Alabama Rigģ II can be cast or trolled for inshore species such as Trout and Redfish as well as offshore fish like Mackerel and Mahi Mahi. It is also great for Striped Bass both offshore and landlocked. The rig will be available in 2 colors. Kits for use with the rig will be available in both Shad and Mullet shapes with 2 colors of each shape.


About $28.99




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Mann's Alabama Rig V

Mannís Bait Company is excited to announce the release of the new Alabama Rig V. The Alabama Rig V is an offspring of the original Alabama Rig, but with the addition of attachable, adjustable teasers to enhance the bait school illusion.


ďI designed it to simulate a school of small bait fish in a tight bait ball. It has adjustable snaps that can be moved up and down the arms to get the correct placement for the teasers. ,Ē said Andy Poss, inventor of the original Alabama Rig.


 Said Paul Elias, professional bass angler, ďI plan on having both the original Alabama Rig and Alabama Rig V rigged on the deck of my boat anytime itís legal to fish with one in a tournament. Each one has its own application and both excel at catching fish in the cooler winter months. The new Alabama Rig V is perfect for when bass are feeding on tight schools of bait fish.Ē


About $24.99




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Mannís Tiny 1-Minus

Shallow water worldwide is home to the One-Minus series. From a maximum of 12" deep to surface and all 11-12 inches in-between, there are three different sizes and shapes to suit any fisherman. The world-renowned shallow-running Baby 1-Minus baits from Mann's are now available in an amazing new series that will add a whole new dimension to your fishing experience.


The new Baby 1-Minus Elite Series encompasses the same fish-catching performance features of the original, but with new colors and finishes that will entice fish like never before. From textured bodies and 3D eyes to extra-strong red hooks, every Elite Series baby 1-Minus is loaded to the gills. Choose from 8 super-hot new colors, each finished with astounding detail using the most advanced paints and eyes.


This is the series that gave Manns ownership to the top 12 inches of the water and make it the number one super shallow crankbait. A Tournament winner for over 20 years.


About $4.99




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Mannís Classic Quad

The Classic QUAD is like having 4 wheel drive for your spinnerbait. The Classic QUAD spinnerbait is an extremely effective and unique spinnerbait. Its four arms give it special features that separate the QUAD from other wire baits. Ė


With the QUAD, you can take the road less traveled- thick structure. - 4 wires deflect off trash allowing you to fish the really thick stuff. - 4 wires with willow blades mimic small baitfish for extreme attraction. - Top quality components, all 100% made in America.


Special skirt colors for all water conditions. - One-half ounce size for castability and control. - The same quality and care built into The Classic for over 20 years.


About $14.99




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