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Pflueger President Limited Edition Reels

Americans elect a new President every four years. To mark the upcoming occasion, picture of part Pflueger® offers the President® Limited Edition for anglers who can't get enough of a classic reel that will never be a lame duck. With red accents covering a sleek navy blue canvas, the Pflueger President Limited Edition features a carbon handle with rosewood knob enhancing the accessories of a reel that is unimpeachable in terms of strength and reliability. The aluminum pinion gear of the President Limited Edition is 60 percent lighter than traditional brass gears and aluminum main shaft is 30 percent lighter than stainless steel, a strength-to-weight ratio popular on both sides of aisle.

The high-speed larger reels have a 6:2.1 gear ratio and are perfect for working light crankbaits or jigging stick baits though buck brush. The size 20 and 25 reels have a gear ratio of 5.2:1. A Carbon Matrix drag system and nine-plus-one stainless steel ball bearing system, six-plus-one on the size 20, make this reel a smooth operator.The entire drag system is sealed, making sure this President Limited Edition is well protected from the elements.Equipped with a braid-ready spool, the Pflueger President Limited Edition is lighter, faster and ready to get to work. Available in a size 40, the Pflueger President Limited Edition has an MSRP of



Mitchell Mag-Pro Spinning Reel
Mag-Pro R is heavy on value and features, light in weight

Mitchell is known for creating quality reels that get the job done. The new MagPro R spinning reel maintains picture of part the Mitchell standard with many angler-friendly features like instant anti-reverse, carbon-infused body, and a drag system that lasts through the fight. The high-grade quality of the MagPro R reel is as dependable as the name it bares.

The redesigned Bail Halo Rotor spools line evenly and reduces line twists. Another added benefit of the new rotor design is the overall weight reduction of the reel without sacrificing power. The MagPro R sealed carbon-fiber hybrid drag system keeps out unwanted residue, is smooth at startup, and stays cool when fishing in either fresh or saltwater.

The machined aluminum-skirted spool enhances the reel’s strength and durability. The 10-bearing system on the MagPro R is the highest bearing count in its class. The MagPro R comes in a gear ratio of 5.8:1, with 33 inches of line retrieve with each turn of the handle on the 4000. Max drag reaches 14 pounds.

With an EVA knob and machined-aluminum handle, the lightweight Mitchell MagPro R is available in 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 models. MSRP for the Mitchell MagPro R is $89.95.


MODEL # SAP # MONO CAPACITY BRAID CAPACITY GEAR RATIO IPT MAX DRAG MAGPRO-1000 1368926/ BOX 110 yd/6 lb 150 yd/6 lb 5.8:1 26.5" 10 lb MAGPRO-2000 1368927/ BOX 130 yd/8 lb 190 yd/8 lb 5.8:1 30.5" 14 lb MAGPRO-3000 1368928/ BOX 175 yd/8 lb 220 yd/10 lb 5.8:1 33" 14 lb MAGPRO-4000 1370589/ BOX 215 yd/12 lb 240 yd/14 lb 5.8:1 33" 14 lb

Berkley PowerBait Shaky Snake
Shaky Worms Still A Staple in Bass Fishing , boosts big bites

Berkley continues to produce the best baits in an effort to propel its dedicated pro staff to victory. picture of part With lighter presentations becoming the norm, Berkley PowerBait® introduces something new to give anglers the advantage in finesse fishing: the Shaky Snake

The new Berkley PowerBait Shaky Snake is perfect for finicky fish that just won’t commit. This 5-inch dancing machine offers a beefed up head that tapers into an egg sack. Its corkscrew ribs add a fluid motion that coaxes even the laziest bass to eat.

The ribs on the Shaky Snake add more surface area, allowing more scent dispersion throughout the water column and with the exclusive PowerBait formula, fish hold on up to 18 times longer. The tail design brings this bait to life with its effortless motion from the lightest vibration of the rod tip.

Although small, this finesse-style bait is fierce when it comes to attracting big bass. Anglers can rig this on a 2/0 shaky head hook or use it as a drop shot bait. Either way, the Berkley PowerBait Shaky Snake is ready to dance its way through the water in search of giants. The PowerBait Shaky Snake has 15 colors to choose from.

$4.99 per package of 10


Berkley Havoc Change Up
The Change Up is built for bigger hooks and the heaviest cover

Anglers are constantly in search of ways to upgrade equipment. Baits that flip, pitch, punch or throw and fit large
picture of part hooks while maintaining a stable action can be difficult to find. The new Berkley HAVOC Change Up was designed by professional angler Scott Suggs to handle all of these tasks.

The husky, elongated four-inch body accommodates a 6/0 wide-gap hook without impeding the action of the bait. Suggs designed this bait to be thrown in the thickest, nastiest cover. The slender tail explodes into a bulbous body with two riveted pinchers and ear tags. A deep hook channel creases the body to keep hooks hidden.

Available in 13 color options, the Change Up can be fished on any body of water across the country, from the back-forty farm pond to the mighty Mississippi, the Change Up can do it all.

$3.49 per package of 8


PENN Knives
New PENN Knives for Trout to Tuna

The day's catch has been stowed in a livewell or ice chest:
picture of part Now the real work begins at the cleaning board. PENN® introduces five high-quality knives, designed to fit fish from trout to tuna or redfish to red snapper. The PENN-designed knives are made with German stainless steel and have a 26-degree blade edge that comes razor sharp straight from the package. Black nickel titanium keeps corrosion at bay.

The knives' durability is verified by PENN's 168-hour salt and acid test. Each knife is finished with a comfortable, ergonomic, non-slip rubber handle. The 8-inch Curved Breaking Knife is tough enough to slice through thick backbones, tough skin and stubborn scales. This is the ideal steaking knife.

Working much like a saw, the 8-inch Serrated Knife edge has more cutting surface than a smooth blade to get through the fillet quicker with less effort. The serrated blade also holds its sharpness longer than a smooth blade. PENN Standard Flex Knives are offered in 7- and 8-inch blade lengths. These smooth- edged knives slice through meat with a clean, accurate cut. The blade flexes to conform to the shape at hand, leaving less meat on the bone.

For smaller fish or more precise work, the PENN 6-inch Firm Flex Knife is the best choice. Slightly stiffer than a standard flex, the blade still conforms to the work at hand for less wasted meat.

About $19.99 to $24.99 and come packaged with a safeguard sheath.


PENN Tools
Designed for inshore and offshore situations

PENN knows anglers need more than typical fishing tackle. If the boat is outfitted with the six pairs of new PENN pliers, there will never be a need for MacGyver-style improvisation. There is a spring-loaded PENN Plier designed for a wide range of applications. 304 and 420 stainless steel wrapped in a titanium black nickel coating gives these tools the maximum level of hardness, durability and corrosive resistance. Each tool passed PENN's extreme 168-hour saltwater and acid tests. Handles are non-slip and ergonomically shaped for comfort.

The 7-inch wire cutters have sturdy, sharp jaws to cut through stainless steel
picture of part single-strand wire cable up to 0.84 inches thick. This is a great companion to the 10-inch leader crimpers that can handle sleeves up to 0.08 inches in diameter.

The all-around use Bull-Nose pliers from PENN come in two sizes:
picture of part 6.5- and 8-inch overall lengths with plenty of torque strength. Each is equipped with side-mounted cutting jaws that feature replaceable blades.

The 6.5-inch Parallel Plier is the ideal offshore plier for cutting wire,
picture of part monofilament and hooks. The design produces extreme pressure on the jaws for heavy work, while the bypass cutters actually cut instead of pinch. Never let a hook lodged deep in the fish's mouth be a problem. Save the hook and the fish with PENN's 13-inch Hook Extractor designed for inshore and near-shore uses. This elongated tool allows anglers to delve deep into the mouths of small snappers as well as large stripers to retrieve hooks or lures. Squeeze the pistol-grip handle and the tip clamps down for a secure hold.

A durable holster accompanies each of these tools.

$24.99 to $49.99


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