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Public invited to comment on proposed IJC Great Lakes advisory boards
The International Joint Commission (IJC) is inviting the public to comment on the proposed functions, structure and member competencies for its two advisory boards under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement 2012. The public has 30 days to review and comment: comments will be accepted through July 24.


Great Lakes water levels continue upward trend
The water level of all five Great Lakes (and Lake St. Clair) are now higher than one year ago. The level of Lake Michigan/Huron gained another inch in the past week.


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Misc New Fishing-Boating Products

BOOYAH adds new fishing rigs

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

Fort Smith, Ark. � BOOYAH Bait Company is set to introduce the next generation of fishing rigs at the upcoming ICAST show in Las Vegas, Nev. The new BOOYAH series gives anglers the ability to use a crankbait on a castable umbrella rig, and cast lightweight lures long distances on baitcasting gear. It allows you to fish crankbaits at any depth, and keep them in the strike zone nearly 100 percent of the cast. It also gives you the ability customize your presentation to fish any lure you want at any depth, all the while displaying the �bait-chase� characteristic that made castable umbrella rigs one of the most effective fishing techniques in history. Plus, the new BOOYAH series is legal everywhere you fish.


The new series from BOOYAH Bait Company is the next logical step in


fishing, and rewrites your fishing playbook by erasing all of the hard-and-fast rules you grew up learning. Now, those running depths listed on crankbait packages mean nothing at all. Now you can cast ultralight lures long distances and fish them at any depth. Now you can run a lipless crankbait on your castable umbrella rig. Now you can fish a shallow-running crankbait on bottom in 30-feet of water. Now you can create your own personal spinnerbait, equipping it with anything from a weightless Texas-rigged swimbait for shallow water to a deep-diving crankbait or weedless jig for deeper fishing.


Now, the only limit is your imagination. Look for more information on the new BOOYAH Bait Company series of products coming soon.


Vicious Fishing lines added to line-up

PELL CITY, AL - Vicious Fishing announced two new Vicious Fishing line products, Vicious Fishing Mono Leader and Vicious Fishing X-A.C.T. Copolymer at the upcoming ICAST show in Las Vegas.


 Vicious Fishing X-A.C.T. is the latest addition to the Vicious Fishing premium line-up and was developed with the hardcore weekend angler in mind. Representing the next generation of Vicious Advanced Copolymer Technology, X-A.C.T. is made in the U.S.A. and pro-engineered to meet the needs of today's tournament angler. Maintaining the high tensile strength and superior castability our copolymer is known for, this line also features a double coating to ensure abrasion resistance and delivers one of the lowest stretches on the market, making it the "X-ACT" combination of strength, sensitivity and handling needed by the serious angler. The


line will be available in 10-50lb test, clear only, and is sold in 100 yard, 330 yard, 1/4lb, 1lb and 2lb spools. The product MSRP is $4.99 and up.


The new Vicious Salt Mono Leader will be manufactured from 15lb test up to 400lb test and in clear only. The new line utilizes the Vicious Advanced Copolymer Technology (A.C.T.) which increases abrasion resistance and overall knot strength. Having such a large range in test options allows the product to be used both in-shore and off-shore. The product is currently being sold in 50 yard spools and retails for $2.99 and up.





Mann's Three-for-All: Three Lures, One Hook

Mann's Bait Company announces the Three-For-All, its newest addition to the patented HardNose line of soft plastics. The Three-For-All is one soft plastic lure with one weedless jig head and three minnow shaped attractors. The HardNose process is required to keep the bodies separated when fished. The Three-For-All meets one hook requirements

and can be easily fished on standard equipment.    The Three-For-All will be available in 6 popular colors for catching different species and in two sizes, a 3 inch and a 4 inch. The Three-For-All is packaged in a clam that contains one lure rigged with a half ounce weedless jig and two spare bodies.

Hunting & Shooting Products/Issues

Plinker Tactical introduces the .22LR-35 Magazine

The Plinker Tactical Gen III .22LR magazine for the Smith & Wesson� M&P15-22

CORNELIUS, NC (Month Year) - Plinker Tactical, LLC makers of American-made firearms magazines, accessories and components, have released the next generation Plinker Tactical .22LR magazine for the Smith & Wesson�M&P15-22.

II               I

The Gen III Plinker Tactical .22LR magazine holds 35 rounds, more than the competition, providing longer firing sessions


without reloading. Made in the U.S.A. of the most durable, quality

polymers, the Gen III mags are impact and solvent resistant. The magazine has evolved to its most robust form yet capable of punishing target sessions without jamming. Heavy duty construction with no screws or exposed springs keeps debris out and performance in.

Every Plinker Tactical magazine is 100% guaranteed for life against breakage. Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth or Olive Drab

About $29.99   




ATK Acquires Caliber Co., Parent of Savage Guns

ARLINGTON, Va. -- ATK announced it has completed the acquisition of Caliber Company, the parent company of Savage Sports Corporation. Savage is one of the world's largest manufacturers of hunting rifles and shotguns, delivering innovative products for more than 100 years.


"Savage has an outstanding reputation in the hunting and shooting sports industry, and we are pleased we can now include Savage as one of ATK's highly recognized sporting brands," said Mark DeYoung, ATK President and CEO. "ATK is committed to delivering affordable innovation to its customers, and this acquisition offers a great opportunity to expand our world leadership in sporting and security ammunition and accessories into the long guns market."


Operating under the brand names of Savage Arms, Stevens, and Savage Range Systems, the company designs, manufactures and markets centerfire and rimfire rifles, shotguns and shooting range systems used for hunting as well as competitive and recreational target shooting. The company was organized in 1894 by Arthur Savage and has expanded into

market-leading positions. Savage is located in Westfield, Mass. and Lakefield, Ontario, and the workforce includes approximately 600 skilled employees.


ATK did not acquire Savage's BowTech Archery brand.


ATK's Sporting Group is the established leader in sporting and law enforcement ammunition and shooting accessories. ATK's ammunition brands include Federal Premium, CCI, Fusion, Speer, Estate Cartridge and Blazer. ATK's accessories brands include BLACKHAWK!, Alliant Power, RCBS, Champion targets and shooting equipment, Gunslick Pro and Outers gun-care products, and Weaver optics and mounting systems.


ATK is an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company with approximately 14,000 employees and operations in 21 states, Puerto Rico, and internationally. ATK is headquartered in Arlington, Va.



SWAROVSKI New CL Pocket Binoculars

SWAROVSKI announces the new CL Pocket binoculars. The new CL Pocket binoculars are the perfect binoculars for everyone who would like a pair of binoculars with excellent optical performance, a high level of viewing comfort coupled with a compact size, thanks to the folding bridge design.


CL Pocket binoculars will accompany you wherever you go and whatever you do, they are the perfect companion, offering unique optical quality of the highest order, all in a handy design. Enjoy high-contrast, sharp, true-color images that you�ll never forget. For optimum viewing comfort, the exit pupil was shifted back � with the benefit of permitting even eyeglass wearers a 100% field of view. Correct adjustment of pupil distance and the twist-in eyecups is important for this function. When closed, the CL Pocket is a compact pair of binoculars; opened up, it is a full-sized pair of binoculars that does not allow for any compromises, offering a large field of view, total eyeglass wearer capability, optimized edge-to-edge clarity, and high transmission.

�Pocket binoculars just got serious!� says Rob Lancellotti, Public Relations Associate for SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA. �The CL Pocket delivers big optic performance from a small, light, easily carried binocular that can be with you for any outdoor activity, as well as indoor sporting events or concerts.�


The CL Pocket features an ergonomic, rugged construction thanks to its aluminum housing, offering optimum operation and unique viewing comfort. Available in black, green or tan, the CL Companion binoculars come complete with a water repellent field bag and carrying strap.


About $875.00 - 950.00


800-426-3089 x2957





Champion new ballistic-rated glasses

ANOKA, MN � Champion Eyes & Ears adds three new ballistic-rated glasses that offer a sharp look at affordable prices. These new shooting glasses surpass industry standards by providing four times greater impact protection than ANSI Z87.1+; achieving the military standard MIL-PRF-31013 ballistic resistance for optimal protection. An assortment of different frames and lens colors present shooters with a variety of stylish options.


With the shooter in mind, Champion designs its shooting glasses for exceptional comfort with a molded nose piece and slip resistant materials. These shooting glasses will stay put during the most

demanding activities, allowing the shooter to focus on making the shot. The lightweight glasses also feature a wrap-around style for extra safety and added peripheral vision, plus scratch-resistant lenses for optimal clarity. These lenses reduce glare and enhance target sharpness with no distortion.


New for 2013, are two new anti-fog coated designs and a small-framed slim fit pink option for women and young shooters. A portion of the profit from every Champion Pink Slim Fit Glasses sold goes to help find a cure for breast cancer.







Supreme Court denies E15 challenge

The U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition alleging that the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its authority by allowing fuel with 15% ethanol, or E15, into the overall supply despite prohibiting its use in marine and other engines.


With no options left on that front, several groups, including the National Marine Manufacturers Association, will revisit a case aimed at protecting consumers from unwittingly filling tanks with E15 because the fuel has been shown to be harmful to many engines.


�The overall challenge to the EPA�s authority has been denied, simply based on a procedural issue,� Nicole Vasilaros, director of regulatory and legal affairs for the National Marine Manufacturers Association, told Trade Only Today. �The engine products group and the others involved, the lower court decided we were not the right parties to bring the case and unfortunately the Supreme Court did not take the case into consideration. They denied our petition.�


The NMMA is part of a coalition composed of fuel, manufacturing and food groups that had brought the case to the highest court in hopes of getting the EPA�s waiver to allow E15 into the marketplace overturned.


In August, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia said the plaintiffs didn�t have grounds to bring the case and therefore couldn�t consider the merits of arguments they presented. In January, the court denied a rehearing on the EPA decision. Dissenting Judge Brett Kavanaugh said then that the EPA waiver �plainly violates� statutory text.

Now the coalition will shift gears and revisit a court case alleging that the EPA has not done enough to prevent �misfueling,� or having E15 mistakenly land somewhere, such as in a boat, where it will harm the engine, Vasilaros told Trade Only.


�Now we�ll reopen misfueling litigation that we had set aside, pending this review,� Vasilaros said. �We want to make sure the EPA takes the correct precautions to prevent consumers from using fuel that�s strictly prohibited by the EPA for marine engines. We believe their current mitigation plan doesn�t do that.�


The EPA�s current mitigation plan consists largely of small signs labeling pumps and a 5-gallon minimum to ensure no E15 fuel is left in the hose and unwittingly gets into vessels that it could harm.


A survey last year found that 35 % � six of 17 � of the registered sellers of E15 are not labeling the higher-ethanol gas at the pump, Trade Only reported in February. The survey also found that several service stations selling E15 were not registered as required by the Renewable Fuel Standard, which calls for an overall reduction in the fuel supply through the use of biofuels. The sellers of E15 are in Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota. The survey, performed by RFG Survey Association, did not name the retailers that weren�t in compliance.


The NMMA also is joining several groups, including the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, to try to get some of the legislation in the Renewable Fuel Standard changed.


Great Lakes Water Levels for June 28, 2013 


The Great Lakes basin experienced above average temperatures this past week, with several showers and thunderstorms that moved through the region. Additional showers and thunderstorms are expected this weekend, especially in the Erie and Ontario basins which could see over 2 inches of rain by Sunday. Temperatures are expected to cool off this weekend across the Great Lakes and return to seasonal averages by mid next week. So far for the month of June, Lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron have received below average precipitation, while lakes Erie and Ontario have received above average precipitation.


The water levels of Lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron are both 1 inch above their level from this time last year. Lakes St. Clair, Erie, and Ontario are 1, 3, and 11 inches, respectively, above their levels of a year ago. Over the next month, Lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron are forecasted to rise 2 inches and 1 inch, respectively. The water levels of Lakes St. Clair, Erie, and Ontario are expected to fall 1, 2, and 4 inches, respectively, in the next thirty days.


Lake Superior�s outflow through the St. Marys River is projected to be below average for the month of June. Lake Huron�s outflow into the St. Clair River and the outflow from Lake St. Clair into the Detroit River are

also expected to be below average throughout the month of June. Lake Erie�s outflow through the Niagara River is predicted to be below average and the outflow of Lake Ontario into the St. Lawrence River is expected to be below average in June.


Official records are based on monthly average water levels and not daily water levels. Users of the Great Lakes, connecting channels and St. Lawrence River should keep informed of current conditions before undertaking any activities that could be affected by changing water levels. Mariners should utilize navigation charts and refer to current water level readings.




St. Clair



Level for June 28






Datum, in ft






Diff in inches






Diff last month






Diff from last yr







Exotic catfish catch puts spotlight on illegal aquarium releases

A Lake Michigan angler caught more than he bargained for earlier this month when he reeled in an 8-pound, exotic Amazonian catfish commonly known as a redtail catfish.


 The redtail catfish was caught at Portage Lakefront Park by Mike Durfee. It's native to South America's Amazon River system and is a popular aquarium fish in the United States. The fish would not have survived the cold water of Lake Michigan during Indiana's winter.   Like many other aquarium species, the redtail catfish can grow large. The International Game Fish Association world record was caught in 2010 on the Amazon River and weighed over 123 pounds.


 The fish Durfee caught likely was purchased when it was 2 to 4 inches long and raised in an aquarium until it outgrew the aquarium, according to Eric Fischer, aquatic invasive species coordinator in the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife.


 "The first response of some owners may be to release unwanted fish into the closest natural water body thinking they are helping their pets out by setting them free," Fischer said.


 It is illegal in Indiana to release not only aquarium fish but also all other

fish into public waters without a fish stocking permit.   Snakehead, an aggressive and invasive fish from Asia, and hydrilla, an aquarium and water garden plant that forms dense mats, are examples of species that have become established in the United States in large part due to aquarium releases.


"Some aquarium fish, exotic snails, and aquarium plants can permanently disrupt the natural environment," Fischer said. "Exotic species impact our native wildlife by increasing competition for aquatic resources and introducing diseases."


 A person who has an unwanted aquarium pet should pursue an alternative to illegally releasing it into the wild. Many retailers will allow you to return unwanted aquarium pets or will put you in contact with another aquarium enthusiast or local aquarium society that is capable of caring for them.   If you are unable to find an alternative the most humane disposal method is to place the plant or animal in the freezer and then dispose of them in the trash.


Sightings and reports of exotic species should be reported to the DNR through the online reporting system dnr.IN.gov/dnr/6373.htm  or call -866-NO EXOTIC (1-866-663-9684).



Walleye Tagging Program Bears Fruit

A three-year effort to tag walleye across the Inland Waterway in Michigan's northern Lower Peninsula has proved successful for the Department of Natural Resources. This cooperative study with Michigan State University and various tribal agencies aims to better understand population dynamics and movement of walleye in the area.

This project and other 2012 fisheries management activities are currently highlighted in the Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division's Northern Lake Huron Management Unit (NLHMU) newsletter, available on the DNR's website at www.michigan.gov/fishing.

The newsletter includes information on fisheries surveys, lake sturgeon rehabilitation, walleye rearing and stocking efforts, habitat projects,

special events, and links to Status of the Fishery Reports. The newsletter also contains a detailed map of NLHMU and contact information for Fisheries Division staff responsible for particular areas.


The NLHMU includes all or part of the following counties: Alcona, Alpena, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Chippewa, Crawford, Emmet, Iosco, Mackinac, Montmorency, Ogemaw, Oscoda, Otsego, Presque Isle and Roscommon.

Anglers are reminded that fish survey reports on many public waters in NLHMU are available from the DNR's Fisheries Division staff at the Gaylord Operations Service Center upon request at 989-732-3541 or by contacting fisheries biologists listed on the unit map (available on the last page of the newsletter).  www.michigan.gov/dnr.


Boating Under the Influence is a Crime

HARRISBURG, PA � As the busy July 4 holiday approaches, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is reminding vacationers that boating under the influence (BUI) is a serious crime and a threat to public safety.


�Boating under the influence is no different than driving a car after someone�s been drinking,� said PFBC Executive Director John Arway. �Alcohol impairs an individual�s ability to operate a vehicle safely. For the safety of all individuals on the water, please do not operate your boat, jet ski, canoe or kayak if you�ve been drinking.�


So far this year, five individuals have been charged with boating under the influence. PFBC waterways conservation officers arrested 60 individuals in 2012 and 62 in 2011 for boating under the influence.


�Many boaters may not know that the threshold for BUI is the same as with motor vehicles � 0.08 percent,� said Corey Britcher, director of the PFBC Bureau of Law Enforcement. �Fish and Boat officers regularly patrol waterways and will have an increased presence around this holiday.�

If convicted of boating under the influence, operators could face fines and jail time.


Pennsylvania has more than 331,000 registered boats. Because the July 4 holiday falls mid-week, the PFBC expects many families and friends will take vacation during the week, leading to a higher volume of boating activity on the days leading up to the weekend.

For more information on boating safety, visit http://fishandboat.com/safety.htm


Independence Day Marks Second Fish-for-Free Day

HARRISBURG, Pa. (June 27) � Families and friends visiting Pennsylvania�s popular outdoor spots over the July 4 holiday can enjoy a day of free fishing, thanks to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).


Independence Day - Thursday, July 4 � marks the second of two free fishing days in the Commonwealth. Fish-for-Free Days allow anyone � residents and non-residents � to legally fish in Pennsylvania. From 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on both days, no fishing license is needed to fish in


Pennsylvania's waterways. All other fishing regulations apply.


�Fish-for-Free days are an easy way to introduce friends and family to the sport of fishing,� said PFBC Executive Director John Arway. �Many families spend the day at lakes and parks throughout the state. Now they can try fishing at no cost. We know that once people try it, particularly kids, they will see that fishing is a great recreational activity and they will want to do it more.�


For more info: www./fishandboat.com/fishforfree.htm.

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Public invited to comment on proposed IJC Great Lakes advisory boards
The International Joint Commission (IJC) is inviting the public to comment on the proposed functions, structure and member competencies for its two advisory boards under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement 2012. The public has 30 days to review and comment: comments will be accepted through July 24.


Great Lakes water levels continue upward trend
The water level of all five Great Lakes (and Lake St. Clair) are now higher than one year ago. The level of Lake Michigan/Huron gained another inch in the past week.



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