The GLSFC has all new Message, Fishing & Hunting Report Boards.

The use of these boards is offered by the GLSFC as a public service for the sportfishing community -  including recreational anglers, charter captains, boaters, government agencies, tackle manufacturers, clubs and associations, conservationists and other outdoorsmen.


These new boards protect the integrity of those posting messages, their messages and the intent of these boards.

Message boards not intended for the use of commercial or private selling of products or services.

These boards also give the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council staff greater control over the postings on these boards, including:    


►Use of message boards requires a one-time registration. Registration gives you access to all boards.

►These boards offer better control over any abuse contrary to their intended purpose.

►Our webmaster will have control over all boards and any misuse of any boards will lead to usage blocking.

►Remember, you must register before using the boards.  You can register at Message & Fishing Reports Boards


►To contact the webmaster:  Click here


To go to the boards click on Message & Fishing Reports Boards


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