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Range of Ruffe in the Great Lakes, 2009

Lake Superior: 

No range expansion was detected in Lake Superior.  The Ruffe range spans the entire south shore from the Duluth-Superior Harbor on the border of Minnesota/Wisconsin to Whitefish Bay, Michigan, and along the north shore from the Duluth-Superior Harbor to Thunder Bay,


Ontario, Canada. 

St. Marys River:  Ruffe remain undetected in the river. 


Lake Huron:  Ruffe were detected in one area of Lake Huron - Thunder Bay (Thunder Bay River and Thunder Bay).  Ruffe

have not been captured there since 2003 and have not been captured outside of Thunder Bay.


Lake Michigan:  The Ruffe range consists of Green Bay.

Lakes Erie and Ontario:  No Ruffe were captured from the Lower Great Lakes.  Ruffe remain undetected in the Lower Great Lakes, and in all inland lakes and streams within the Great Lakes Basin. 


For additional information, contact Anjanette Bowen (989-356-5102 x1014), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office, Alpena, MI.


Weekly Great Lakes Water Levels for March 26, 2010

Weather Conditions

Cooler air returned to the Great Lakes basin this past week pulling temperatures down into the 30s and 40s. Rain began falling early Thursday morning in the southern section of the Great Lakes basin and will likely continue until Friday morning. This event's accumulation is forecasted to be less than an inch of rain. A light amount of rain/snow mix is expected this weekend throughout much of the area. Looking into next week, high pressure and sunny skies will return with unseasonably warm temperatures and spring-like weather across the Great Lakes basin, once again. Rising temperatures will likely reach into the 60s by the middle of the week, with an abundance of sunshine.

Lake Level Conditions

Currently, Lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron are near their March 2009 levels.  Lake St. Clair is 18 inches below its level of a year ago while Lakes Erie and Ontario are 13 and 14 inches, respectively, below their levels of a year ago.  Broken ice from Lake Huron has created a jam at the mouth of the St. Clair River causing a significant drop in Lake St. Clair's water level.  Much of the difference between last year's and this year's levels of Lakes Erie and Ontario can be attributed to the significant amount of snow that fell in 2009 versus what has fallen this year.  Over the next month, the water levels of Lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron are expected to increase by 2 and 4 inches respectively.  Lake St. Clair is predicted to rise 15 inches over the next thirty days while Lakes Erie and Ontario are expected to rise approximately 5 and 7 inches, respectively, over the same timeframe.  Over the next few months, all of the Great Lakes are expected to be below their levels of a year ago.

Forecasted March Outflows/Channel Conditions

The outflow from Lake Superior into the St. Mary's River is

forecasted to be below average. The outflow from Lake Huron into the St. Clair River is forecasted to be below average due

to ice effects in the river. Near average flows are expected for the Detroit River and Niagara River. The St. Lawrence River is expected to have above average flows in March. Ice build-up in the connecting channels can greatly affect flows and may cause significant fluctuations in water levels.


Users of the Great Lakes, connecting channels and St. Lawrence River should keep informed of current conditions before undertaking any activities that could be affected by changing water levels.  Mariners should utilize navigation charts and refer to current water level readings.   Ice charts can be accessed via the National Ice Center's website. Due to changing ice conditions lake levels may fluctuate rapidly.





St. Clair



Level for March 26












Datum, in ft






Diff in inches











Diff last month












Diff from last yr













South Haven Regional Fishery Workshop

Understanding the Decline and Partial Recovery of Perch Fishing in Lake Michigan

► Speakers include:  Dave Clapp, MDNRE Charlevoix Station, Manager -Who is Catching What and Where?

► 2009 Charter Data – Donna Wesander, MDNRE Charlevoix Station, Fisheries Technician Specialist

► Asian Carp – An Imminent Invasion? – Dan O’Keefe, MI Sea Grant, Extension Educator


April 27, 2010 (Tuesday), 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Lake Michigan College, 125 Veterans Blvd., Room 141, South Haven, MI 49090

No Charge; RSVP to [email protected]  or (616) 994-4580

Grand Haven Great Lakes Night

►Impact of Recent Invaders on Lake Michigan – Steve Pothoven, NOAA Fishery Biologist

►Asian Carp and Other Invaders on the Horizon – Dan O’Keefe, MI Sea Grant, Extension Educator

►Fisheries Update and Area Fishing Opportunities – Jay Wesley, MDNRE Fisheries Supervisor

►All Washed Up: Lake Michigan’s Algae Challenge – WI Sea Grant


June 3, 2010 (Thursday), 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Grand Haven Community Center, 421 Columbus St., Grand Haven, MI 49417

No Charge; RSVP to [email protected]  or (616) 994-4580

DNRE take Walleye Eggs at Muskegon River

The Michigan DNRE last week began taking eggs from walleye on the Muskegon River below Croton Dam for its hatchery program.

DNRE fisheries biologist Rich O’Neal said the DNRE Fisheries Division personnel had verified spawning walleye in the river. The operation will be concluded in five to 10 days.


Wisconsin 2010 Fishing Report offers latest fishing forecasts, tips for success

Report available online now and in print

MADISON – Time to start planning that first fishing trip for the coming inland fishing season.


The 2010 Wisconsin Fishing Report is now available online and is loaded with fishing forecasts from waters across the state, helping anglers find the kind of fishing experience they most enjoy.  The report is available at Department of Natural Resources service centers and regional offices, and will be inserted in the April edition of the Wisconsin Natural


Resources magazine, which may be purchased online.


The regular inland season opens May 1; fishing licenses for the 2010-2011 season are now available online, from license sales agents, and from DNR service centers and regional offices.


“It’s time to get back out on the water,” says DNR Secretary Matt Frank. “We hope our annual Fishing Report can help lure even more people out to enjoy what a great Wisconsin tradition and a great activity to do with family and friends.”

Workshops help adults pass on fishing to a new generation

April 6 session in Milwaukee, others upon request

MILWAUKEE – Adults who love to fish or care about Wisconsin lakes and streams can help pass on a favorite Wisconsin tradition to a new generation by attending a workshop April 6 in Milwaukee or by requesting that a workshop be held in their area.


“Anglers and others can invest in the future of fishing by attending an angler education workshop,” says Department of Natural Resources Secretary Matt Frank. “They’ll get the teaching tools and materials they need to help start a fishing club or bring aquatic education into their classroom.”


Teachers and volunteers use the Department of Natural Resources Angler Education Program to introduce children to basic fishing skills and connect them to Wisconsin's lakes and streams. Adults who attend the workshop receive free materials that they can use to teach their own angler education courses and help guide adventures in local water resource investigations. Fishing equipment and other materials are available for loan to instructors for their programs.


Youth leaders, classroom teachers, fishing club members

and civic leaders are encouraged to attend as a team or to form one at the workshop. Demand is increasing for after-school fishing clubs, so this would be a good opportunity for community partners to join forces in helping to provide youth with a healthy pastime, according to Theresa Stabo, DNR aquatic resources educator.


Classroom teachers use activities correlated to Wisconsin's academic standards for science, history, language arts, physical education and other disciplines, Stabo says. 


More details about April 6 workshop and how to request one for your area.

The Milwaukee workshop runs from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Havenwoods State Forest, 6141 N. Hopkins St., Milwaukee. Adults interested in attending the workshop can download a registration form [PDF] from the DNR Web site and mail it in to Stabo (mailing information on form).


People who are interested in receiving the training to help start their own youth fishing clubs can check the DNR Web site to see if angler education workshops are being planned in their area.  People also can also request that a workshop be held in their area by contacting Stabo at (608) 266-2272 or [email protected].

Other Breaking News Items

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Court asked to throw out Asian carp request

The three defendants at the center of the Asian carp dispute have asked the Supreme Court to toss out Michigan's request to re-open a near 90-year-old case that could force closure of shipping locks in Chicago-area waterways

What the cells tell: The scientist who developed the new eDNA test says there are already Asian carp in Lake Michigan
this technology has taken center stage in perhaps the most politically charged invasive species controversy ever to hit the Great Lakes region.


DEC issues 5 permits to Galloo wind farm
Galloo Island Wind Farm has its freshwater wetland, water quality certification, excavation and fill in navigable waters, state pollutant discharge elimination system and incidental take of state listed species permits from the NYS DEC.

IJC hasn't rejected river controls
Commissioners from the International Joint Commission (IJC) say they haven't ruled out the possibility of recommending some kind of control mechanism in the St. Clair River to control low water levels in the upper Great Lakes.


Michigan plans April 16 showdown over Asian carp
Stung by a second rejection from the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in the Asian carp debate and force Illinois to close Chicago-area shipping locks, Michigan officials said Monday that the most important battle is still to come.



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