Ohio Huskie Muskie Club


5170 Deer Road S.W.

Bowerston, OH 44695


Voice/Fax: 740-269-2122 


Formed in 1961, the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, Inc. is a non-profit sport fishing club dedicated to promoting better muskie fishing in the state of Ohio

We provide the Division of Wildlife with biological information on catch and harvest throughout the state. Emphasis is on educating and promoting anglers on Muskie fishing throughout our state.

For membership information contact: Don Weaver, President (740) 269-2122
or fax: (740) 269-2122


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Activities / Projects: 

  • Stocking
  • Outdoor Shows
  • Club Tournaments
  • Public Tournaments
  • Fishing Seminars
  • Children's Activities
  • Publish News Letter

     September 21-22, 2002


            Leesville Lake

            Bowerston, Ohio      


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