Northcoast Sportfishing Council


3471 West 41st Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44109


Tel: 216-741-6229 / Fax: 216-661-0012


The Northcoast Sportfishing Council was organized in 1996. It is made up of eight associations whose principal interest is Lake Erie and its tributaries. We represent more than one thousand fishermen.

The purpose of our council is to have one voice as we strive to maintain and improve the Lake Erie fisheries and to improve public access to the lake.


For membership information contact: Tom Mayher, Chairman (216) 741-6229
or fax: (216) 661-0012

Meeting Location:   
                                  UAW Local 217 Hall
                                  Cleveland, Ohio

Meetings held on an 'as needed' basis. Please call for additional information


           Please call for information



Activities / Projects: 

  • Club's involvment in artificial reef projects
  • Advisory Committee - Ohio Sea Grant
  • Kids Programs
  • Trout Stocking
  • Environmental Issues


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