Perch America


P.O.Box 2563

Hammond, IN 46323                          [email protected]

Perch America was established in 1993, by a group of concerned fisherman from other fishing clubs and organizations, to gather information on the over harvesting of perch by commercial fisherman, who were being allowed to set out miles and miles of gill nets in the Indiana and Illinois waters, during the spawning season, at which time they would take the egg bearing females who would not have a chance to lay their eggs, which in turn was slowly bringing the species to a potential of extinction. They were supported by the DNR and the restaurant association, who had a strong political lobby and were ignoring the issues and the average fisherman's pleas to stop these atrocities before it is too late.

Perch America finally made some head way and succeeded in stopping the commercial fishing of lake perch from the Indiana and Illinois shorelines when it became painfully obvious that the numbers of perch had dropped off dramatically. 

The states of Wisconsin and Michigan had put a stop to commercial fishing years ago so that they could preserve their sport fishery.

The States of Indiana and Illinois have been trying different tactics and strategies to help revive the perch population by implementing seasons, and limits for shore fisherman, but they are not working together on this and the results have been disappointing.

We have been taking a more pro-active / positive approach to the stocking or walleye in wolf lake.  We have seen many positive results and will continue to solicit for more monies to be appropriated while our Lake Michigan fishery is now mainly Coho Salmon and Chinook Salmon.

Annual membership is $15.00 and interested parties can apply on line by printing out a membership form or by using Pay Pal.  The club offers associate memberships as well and donations to help with our stocking programs and conservation research.

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