GLIN Site of the Month

In June 97 the Great Lakes Information Network featured the Council as the GLIN "Site of the Month" as a featured site we have had many visitors from around the world.

Your site has been selected as a featured site this week on the WebTrips Network(tm) a free total entertainment experience which encompasses full animation, entertainment, and music. In May 97, the Council web site was selected a

SUPER-COOL Top Web Site of the year because "they have continued to add more content and remain The best anglers' web site we've seen on the web!"

Outstanding fishing resources for anglers fishing the Great Lakes Region of the U.S., well organized, fast loading, nice photo galleries.

We liked your site, and wanted to share it with our audience. We're Seven Wonders, and we awarded your site as the The Sporting Life site of the Week on October 3rd.

Sport Fishing Page of British Columbia
In June, the Council received this award from British Columbia,
Canada Shelly and Courtney's TV's fishing show. Click on the award to see what's happening in B.C.

Award given for creativity and content


We are delighted to award your site for design and content. Thanks for adding to the true wealth of the internet


" The Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council has the honor of being chosen as Badger's Pick of the Day is based on the following criteria. Creative art work, fast loading pages, good content, creative site theme, and innovative technology . The site must excel in at least 4 of the 5 categories. GOO Week of 1/7/97.....
YES, 'TIS TRUE! You ARE the proud winner of GOO (otherwise known as THE GREAT GOO AWARD)!!
Not everyone can say they won the "GOO"!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your site has been accepted to DELTA COOL SITES page. It has met with our COOL Site standards of being: 1) graphically pleasing 2) having good content 3) allowing ease of navigation.

Our classy "Recreational Site" pick for June.

"An attractively presented set of resources and links encompassing just about everything to do with the Great Lakes, sport fishing, and fish. Here you can check out the weather, tap into the latest research, see what's new, or just calculate the weight of your fish on-line. "

Your web site is very fascinating -- and that's exactly what we like ... Creativity and New Ideas!

The 5-Star award is one of the most sought after awards for businesses both small and large. This award does not come easily -- and you have earned the privilege to display our icon of distinction on your site.

"Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council web site was selected a winner for the vast amount of information they provide about fishing including local reports, fishing information by states, kids fishing photo gallery, Great Lakes regional tournaments, and more. This site has excellent graphics -- minimal and fast loading. The best anglers' web site we've seen on the web!"

Congratulations.... We (The Northup's) are pleased to announce that you have won the Royal Home Page Award! During the extensive and rigorous review of your Home Page the panel decided unanimously that you were worthy of the Award!

The Eye Candy Award is the highest achievement that a webmaster can obtain right now for pure design, however to be a Honorable Mention Site is also a wonderful status symble. If surfers see the graphic, they will know in advance that your site is worth their time.
Eye Candy Sites are prestigious indeed. Only the top 2% of all web sites score above 90 points. Here are some examples of a sites scoring 95 points .

On November 30, 1998 Peter Dawson, the webmaster at CarpNet   wrote: "I just looked at your site and its great. I want to award you the golden carp award and include you in the elite winners section."   Love Carp Fishing? Go CarpNet!
"Your site  has been selected as a featured site in Lightspan's Study Web´┐Ż as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers."  

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