December 6 , 2002

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Back-up power established for Electronic Barrier!! 

Metropolitan Sanitary District comes thru with loaner generator


   We finally have back-up power for the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal electronic fish barrier.


   The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago on December 4th donated a generator for temporary use at the barrier site until the permanent generator arrives from the supplier. Donation of the equipment by MWRD avoids a waiting period that could have extended several weeks for the permanent generator set to arrive.


   The installation of the generator went quite smoothly and was a coordinated effort with MWRD, the Corp of Engineers and Smith-Root staff the contractors. Though initial estimates of down time for installation were a few hours, the actual down time was a few seconds. "The downtime if you can call it that lasted no longer than the

pull of two switches estimated at less than 5 seconds.  The efforts of the MWRD is much appreciated," said Beldon R. McPheron, Project Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District.


   In tests of the generator, the unit started up and switched over in 2 to 7 seconds.  Good news indeed!


   Suzanne Malec, Deputy Commissioner, for the City of Chicago Dept of Environment said: "What a great collaborative effort.  Congratulations to all."


   A big THANK YOU to Irwin Poll and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District for donating this equipment, and for facilitating its rapid installation. MWRD has been a strong supporter of the project and came through at this critical juncture.


   "As a result of this cooperative effort we can all breathe a bit easier and have a happy holiday season," said Phil Moy, Barrier Advisory Panel Co-Chair.

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